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“Transformation really does happen here! Not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well. I was told this style with the heated room would help with a lot of my back problems I was having. It has definitely helped me so much since I've started, and my body feels the best it's ever felt. But wow did I gain so much more than physical healing! The spiritual and emotional healing that comes with this practice alone is enough to keep you coming back for more! I've never felt more mentally calm until after I started this practice...and my back feels great! " - Rachel Hanks

"Life changing and such a challenge. I’ve been attending the studio for four years now and I will say it’s been transformational. Hot yoga is intense and repetitive with good reason. The heat helps with flexibility, prevents injuries and provides aerobic workout making it a great way to exercise. The repetitive nature allows you to see how far your posture has come and check-in that you may need to take it a bit easier that day. The mental strength it builds is the reason I will be a life long practitioner. It helps you to calm yourself, forgive yourself and see a different view of the world." - Tiffany Williamson


"The instructors at Hot House are incredibly knowledgeable in technique, alignment, and anatomy. They go out of their way to make their students feel welcome, safe, and included. I highly recommend for beginners to experienced practitioners." - Liz Smith

"Hot House has it all. Since classes are offered every day I go whenever it works for me. The teachers are the best: experienced, knowledgeable, attuned to participants, kind, friendly, caring, and amazing!

I love learning something new every class!!!  It's a win-win to be challenged to gain strength and ability while working at my own level.  - Yvette Tolos

"I've been going to this studio since 2014, and what keeps me coming back is the friendliness of the people there. All of the instructors make each class feel welcoming, and the other students encourage one another. When I walk in I know I'm going to be taken care of not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too; a support that has been much appreciated over the years" - Ayana Rowe