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Hot House Yoga Instructors Michelle.jpg

Loves: Super sugary candy, 80s alternative music & crossword puzzles

Hates:  Mornings, big piles of laundry & pushups (but I do them anyway!)

Quote:  “Heart racing? Good for you!”

Birthday: April 27



Hot Yoga + Hot Pilates

Michelle Furlong

Hot House Yoga Instructors Meghan.jpg

Loves: making, feeling, playing & sharing music, yoga & food (in short: the good things in life)

Hates: no hate only love!

Quote: "Strengthen and lengthen your spine!”

Birthday: June 6


Hot Yoga + Yin Yoga

Meghan Watkins

Hot House Yoga Instructors Jwala.jpg

Loves: Science of Yoga, travel, sit quietly and do nothing,

Hates: TV commercials, very cold winter, raking leaves and bagging them.

Quote: “Kick is the engine, breath is the fuel and the gaze is the direction”

Birthday:  October 1.


Hot Yoga

Jwala Prasad

Loves: Dark roast coffee, exercising, and family

Hates: Feet, traffic, and a dirty kitchen

Quote: "Just one more!"

Birthday: May 31


Hot Pilates

Cathy Healey

Hot House Yoga Instructors Beth.jpg

Loves: sleep, hearing my children laugh, dark chocolate

Hates:  waiting, rude people, messes

Quote: “Get it, Girlllll!”

Birthday: September 10


Hot Pilates

Beth Ehrensberger

Hot House Yoga Instructors Jackie.jpg

Loves: People, dogs and outdoor physical activity

Hates: Snooty people, people that don’t clean up after their dogs, sitting on the Brent Spence Bridge in traffic on a snowy winter day

Quote: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

Birthday: February 12


Hot Yoga + Hot Pilates

Jackie Mistler

Hot House Yoga Instructors Brooke.jpg

Loves: Wine, football, and autumn

Hates:  Spiders, allergies, summer

Quote: “Don’t compare your pose to anyone else!  Every body is different!”

Birthday:  April 18


Hot Yoga

Brooke Schubert

Hot House Yoga Instructors Gina.jpg

Loves:  Earning my beer, cute things, cuddly sweatshirts

Hates: Traffic, wedgies, kimchi

Quote: “Right Meow”

Birthday:  September 12


Hot Yoga

Gina Kruetzkamp

Hot House Yoga Instructors Donna.jpg

Loves: Nature, art & liberation

Hates: Pollution, cigarette smoke, being rushed

Quote:  “I love you”

Birthday: June 5


Hot Yoga + Yin Yoga

Donna Rubin

Hot House Yoga Instructors Jason.jpg

Loves: Coffee, cooking, and car racing

Hates: Commercials (except the few that make me laugh), dirty dishes, and traffic

Quote: “Be your own coach in the mirror!”

Birthday:  September 19


Hot Yoga

Jason Minx

Loves: My family, nature walks, cooking

Hates: Being late, clutter, and being cold

Quote: “Do your best and the rest will follow”

Birthday: August 22


Hot Yoga

Josie Huang

Loves: Family, dogs, traveling, Irish Breakfast Tea

Hates: Cleaning, empty bottle of Pinot Grigio and cold/wet feet

Quote: “C’mon let’s do it!”

Birthday: September 3rd


Hot Pilates

Sally Ganz